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UltraPro Lasagna 3.3L

UltraPro Lasagna 3.3L

SKU: 11124130-11124132

No, you’re not dreaming. Yes, it’s oven-safe Tupperware.

Elegant, lightweight, and stackable, this is the ultimate all-in-one cooking and serving solution. This is the Tupperware that truly does it all. It’s fridge, freezer, microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe while being gorgeous on the table. What more do you need?

The UltraPro ovenwares are lighter than classic oven containers made of ceramic, clay, glass, or cast iron, making them so much easier to handle for you daily meal preps.
The rounded shape of the base and the domed cover optimize cooking with even heat distribution and reduce hot spots that can result in overcooking.
Healthy foods are made easier thanks to the non-stick qualities of UltraPro Ovenware. No added butter or oils are needed for cooking most recipes.
Steam release vents on the sides of the base and cover help prevent steam build-up and regulate humidity to let your food brown nicely while keeping optimal moisture.

The easy to use UltraPro can be used for simple and quick or traditional and sophisticated dishes with great results each time. From savory to sweet, it's the master of family sized:
lasagna, cannelloni, roasted meats (pork, beef, veal, lamb), baked meatballs, baked whole fish, potato or vegetable gratins, focaccia, stuffed vegetables, pasta bake, quiches, baked apples, fruit or chocolate cakes, fruit gratin, cinnamon rolls, crumbles, flans etc.

Batch cooking addicts will also be pleased by this extra large size.

Several configurations for unlimited cooking possibilities​

  • Classic: food in the base and cover on top​
  • Reverse: The cover is used as a base for roasts, focaccia, baked apples. Content is easier to manipulate after cooking.​
  • Cook bain-marie: The cover is turned back on the base, filled with water, for gentle cooking like delicate desserts and puddings.​
  • Stack-cooking: Saves a lot of time and energy, cook 2 dishes at once, cover is placed upside-down on the base.​
  • (If you own UltraPro 3.3L and 5.7L) Cook double capacity: the 3.3L base is used as cover for the 5.7L base. Perfect to cook larger poultry or 2 chickens side by side on a generous layer of vegetables or baby potatoes.​


UltraPro products can be used in steam ovens.

Save money if you already own an UltraPro 5.7L, you can purchase only the 3.3L base, they have an identical cover.

Tupperware's innovative casserole pan with lid will change what you think is possible in the kitchen! Our UltraPro all-in-one unique material is not only safe for the oven, but also microwave, fridge, and freezer. The UltraPro even looks beautiful right on the table as serveware. Perfect for lasagna, moussaka or other family sized gratins, stuffed vegetables, and so much more. 

All in one solution for everyday cooking (oven and microwave), storing (fridge or freezer) and serving. High-end lightweight unique material, resisting from -25°C/-13F to 250°C/482F.​

Keep the oven clean and get nice roasted and browned result at the same time, thanks to the cover, combined with steam release vents on the base, optimally regulating the humidity.​

Extra Large size, perfect for larger households and dinner with friends up to 8 people but also great for batch cooking.

Very versatile, you will always succeed with all your lasagna, cannelloni, potato or vegetable gratins, stuffed vegetables, whole roasted fishes, focaccia, family-sized crumbles or cakes, and many more.


  • Material
    Full Product: LCP
  • Metric / US Dimensions
    Full Product: W 26.6 x H 10.5 x L 36.4 Ø - cm / W 10.5 x H 4.1 x L 14.3 Ø - inch
  • Metric / US Capacity Volume
    Full Product: 3.3 L / 3.5 qt.
  • Min Temp (°C/°F)
    Full Product: -25°C / -13°F
  • Max Temp (°C/°F)
    Full Product: 250°C / 485°F
  • Max Wattage
    Full Product: US 1200 / EU & AP 900 watts


Always put the UltraPro in a preheated oven as the heating process may include the grill which could damage the UltraPro.​

Always ensure that the pre-programmed settings of your oven do not use the grill function.

Never use under the grill or on the stove.​

Do not use metal or any sharp utensils to prevent damage.​

Use a soft sponge or Tupperware Microfiber to clean your UltraPro

Never use aerosol spray for non-stick, the chemicals can damage the material, always use butter and flour 

Avoid contact with heat sources by placing UltraPro Ovenware at least 2"/5cm away from the oven/microwave oven walls and heat sources.

To remove from the oven, always use oven gloves and grab the UltraPro by both handles to ensure a stable grip.

Should fat burn on to the UltraPro while cooking at high temperatures leaving brown patches, soak the UltraPro in 4 tablespoons of dishwasher detergent diluted in 5L/10 pints of hot water for at least 2 hours.​

The material can withstand oven temperature up to 250°C.  We do not recommend cooking or baking at this temperature, or for more than 2 hours.

Do not use in mini-ovens or halogen ovens.

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