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EZ Shaker 600ml

EZ Shaker 600ml

SKU: 11154140

Shake things up with our EZ Shaker 600ml! This shaker is going to help take your prepping to the next level. With measurements printed on the container, you will be able to easily measure out your ingredients, dry or liquid, without having to dirty up another kitchen tool! AND there are measurements etched on the inside of the cover for smaller quantities. Thanks to the leak proof cover, you don’t have to worry about anything leaking out so you can shake with confidence! You also don’t have to worry about messy containers after pouring because the pouring spout was thoughtfully designed with mess-free pouring in mind!

Our EZ Shaker was designed to be paired with the Cook's Maid and the EZ Mix N Stor Pitcher. Use the Cook's Maid to easily zest and juice citrus fruits, separate eggs, grate fresh ginger or garlic for a vinaigrette, or chocolate over a dessert. The Shaker fits perfectly inside the EZ Mix N Stor Splash Guard to be used as a Bain-Marie! Now you can easily melt chocolate or butter without the risk of burning or over-boiling!

The EZ Shaker is perfect for:

  • Breakfast time! Shake up some eggs for an omelet or some batter for crêpes, pancakes or waffles!
  • Healthy salad dressings: Say goodbye to store-bought salad dressing! With the EZ Shaker, making your own dressing has never been easier. All you need is oil, vinegar and seasonings of your choosing!
  • BBQ time: Shake up a delicious marinade for your meats or veggies at your next BBQ!
  • Shaken not stirred! Did somebody say cocktails?? This shaker is all you need at your next party to make crafty cocktails for you and your friends.


Our leak proof shake container is not only quick and convenient, it's also a secret multi-tasker. Use as a salad dressing shaker to make healthier homemade alternatives to store-bought dressings.

Or use as a quick mix-and-measure container when making, mixing, serving, and storing marinades, liquid and dry ingredients without the mess and fuss of larger bowls or electric mixers. This clever shake container also features a specially-designed dripless seal that doubles as a measuring cup with markings inside.

Fast and Simple as counting 1-2-3: ​pour your ingredients, close and shake. ​Your recipes are ready in a few seconds.​

Use it everyday! Extremely versatile, it’s perfect to prepare: vinaigrette, salad dressings and other cold sauces, cocktails, mocktails, milk shakes, crêpe dough, cake doughs, omelets, quiches, marinade, protein shakes…​

Mess-free shaking thanks to the leak proof cover.

Measure at a glance: Easily measure liquids for your preparations thanks to the measurements in the base (very durable In Mold Label) and in the cover (etched).

Perfect and clean serving with the drip-free pouring spout and the drop guidance function on the cap.

Perfect results every time: Thanks to the geometry and blending insert, ingredients will always be perfectly mixed. 


  • Material
    Full Product: PP
  • Metric / US Dimensions
    Full Product: W 11.1 x H 22.6 x L 9.9 Ø - cm / W 4.4 x H 8.9 x L 3.9 Ø - inch
  • Metric / US Capacity Volume
    Full Product: 600 ml / 20 oz


When mixing ingredients that are both liquids and solids (e.g., milk and instant preparation powders), always place the liquids first and the solids last. This will ensure that your preparation blends well.

Do not use for mixing hot liquids or to mix or store carbonated drinks.

Always leave the shaker open when not in use.

Staining from specific liquids with spices, tomatoes or carrots may occur, but this does not affect the performance of the product.

Do not use for storing milk or baby foods because bacterial growth is possible. 

When closing the Shaker always make sure to close the cover with the cap open and then close the cap. This will avoid over pressure which could lead to the cover popping off while you shake.

Please note that the top cap should not be removed for cleaning. Assembling and disassembling the cap on a regular basis may damage the product.

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