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Amazing Series Serrated Utility Knife

Amazing Series Serrated Utility Knife

SKU: 11161879

The right knife for the right job makes life in the kitchen so much easier. Do you want to dice vegetables, fillet a fish, slice a tomato or cut some cheese? Using a designated knife will make the task at hand much easier and more enjoyable!

Cut a tomato with a dull knife and you will understand instantly why you need a good knife.

A knife is the most basic yet essential item in your kitchen. Why choose basic when you can reach for the best?

The Tupperware Amazing Series Knives are always within reach, hanging on your wall or stored in your drawer. And it's always safe to reach for them, thanks to the new unique sheath-locking system.

These beautiful knives will provide years of effortless cutting, thanks to the super-sharp Excellence serration and Excellence leather sharpening (Serrated Utility Knife and Bread Knife). The ergonomic handle fits perfectly in your hand and will help you cut effortlessly. Impress your family and friends!

Upgrade your cutting tools with these high quality, super-sharp Japanese stainless-steel knife.

Serrated Utility Knife: The amazing new Excellence Serrated Utility Knife effortlessly slices tomatoes, grapefruit, lemons, kiwis, peaches and other fruits and vegetables. The blade slices easily and quickly through soft fruit’s skins and flesh, without crushing the fruit. The Serrated Utility Knife is also ideal for slicing bagels, small breads and cakes.


The Tupperware Amazing Series Knives feature super-sharp Excellence serration and Excellence leather sharpening.  They will save space in your kitchen by safely hanging and staying in place, thanks to our unique sheath-locking system.

They also can be stored safely in a drawer or can be taken "on the go" with the sheath locked for safety.

Japanese Stainless Steel: Tupperware Amazing Series Knives are Japanese style knives, well-known to be lightweight, precise and really sharp.

Smart Lock Sheath: Each knife features a notch on its handle to securely lock the sheath to the knife, which allows you to safely hang your knives and guarantees that the sheath will always remain in place.

Excellence Leather Sharpening: A fine sharpening method using leather that creates a very straight and smooth blade, even under microscopic view, for superior cutting performance.

Excellence Serration: 3-step serrated blade allows for smoother cuts and fewer bread crumbs: Narrow serration for extra cutting efficiency, wave blade for smooth cutting and straight tip to perfectly separate between cuts.





1. After each usage, we strongly recommend that you immediately clean the knives by hand in hot soapy water and dry thoroughly before storing.

2. Cleaning in the dishwasher is NOT recommended, it could damage the knife blade due to the aggressive washing agents that can attack stainless steel.

3. Always dry your knives thoroughly before storing them in sheath or knife block.

4. Possible spots on the blade can be easily cleaned with stainless steel cleaner.

5. Never let the knife come in contact with other metal, ceramic or glass instruments as this would damage the cutting edge.

6. Sheaths are dishwasher safe, but do not put knives in dishwasher, as detergent chemicals can damage and dull blades.

7. Use knives on plastic or wood cutting boards only; ceramic and glass cutting boards will dull blades.


1. Thanks to the sheath, the cutting edge of the knife is protected when stored in a drawer with other utensils.

2. The sheath allows safe handling and transporting of the knife.

3. Remove the sheath when the knife is stored in a knife holder (“block”) or wall rack.

4. Do not assemble sheath and knife together when one of them is wet or damp.

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