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Adjustable Rolling Pin (with Cookie Cutters)

Adjustable Rolling Pin (with Cookie Cutters)

SKU: 11156082-11156081

Our unique, freezer-safe rolling pin has a large rolling surface, allowing you to roll small or large amounts of dough. The pin is lightweight and sturdy and its base can be filled with warm, room temperature or cold water, depending on the type of dough being rolled, for perfect results every time!

  • Fill with warm water (not boiling): improves the results with dough containing yeast.
  • Fill with room temperature water: acts as a weight and eases rolling.
  • Fill with ice water: keeps the fat chilled for best pastry results.

The Adjustable Rolling Pin also comes with adjuster dials! You can roll different thicknesses depending on the setup selected:

  • Without adjuster dials, roll out all thicknesses
  • 3mm setting rolls out dough for pies and tarts at the same thickness as ready-made dough.
  • 6mm setting rolls dough to the perfect thickness for cookies.

Thanks to adjuster dials' different shapes, they also can be used as cookie cutters!


This unique rolling pin's weight is adjustable, making it easy to roll out even thicknesses AND cookie cutters all in one product!

Adjustable weight and temperature: Fill the rolling pin with water to add weight, adjusting the temperature of the water depending on the type of dough, such as warm water for yeast dough or ice water for pastry dough.

Roll out dough quickly thanks to the large rolling surface of 33 cm.

Even results every time! Adjuster dials ensure that dough is rolled out evenly and at desired thickness.

Multi-purpose: The adjuster dials can also be used as cookie cutters!


  • Material
    Full Product: PP, PE
  • Metric / US Dimensions
    Full Product: W - x H - x L 50 Ø 8.7 cm / W - x H - x L 19.7 Ø 3.4 inch
  • Metric / US Capacity Volume
    Full Product: 1.4 L (1.2L if freezing) / 5 3/4 cup (5 cup if freezing)


Use rolling pin to transfer dough easily from counter to baking form without breaking it.

To easily recognize the adjusters 3mm or 6mm is engraved on the side of each of them.

To freeze rolling pin, remove dials and handles and fill with water, being sure not to exceed 1.2L maximum capacity, and place in freezer.

The Adjustable Rolling Pin is not suitable for use with boiling water.

To avoid any deformation of the product, it is recommended to remove the cap before dishwashing the Adjustable Rolling Pin.

How to use the rolling pin body on its own, without any thickness regulation:
Simply screw the cap on and clip the handles on each side. Adjuster dials are not used.

How to use the rolling pin to roll a 3mm thickness dough:
Screw the cap, clip the handles and screw the two 3mm adjuster dials on each side. 
The 3mm adjuster dials are recognizable by the designs on the cutting side that represents a flower or a gear. On the side of each dial, the 3mm thickness is engraved. To be easily recognizable, the pair is the same color.
To connect the dials on the rolling pin’s body, slide the dial with the cutting edge turned towards the middle of the rolling pin.
No need to remove the handles before turning each dial to screw them on the body.

How to use the rolling pin to roll a 6mm thickness dough:
Screw the cap and clip the handles.
Assemble each 3 mm adjuster with a 6mm adjuster. 
Once assembled screw a ring on each side of the Rolling Pin.

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